Contents V.8, N.2, 2017

  • The technique of early determination of reservoir drive of gas condensate and velotail oil deposits on the basis of new diagnosis indicators
    M.A. Jamalbayov, N.A. Veliyev (pp. 236-250)
  • Abstract.

    The purpose of this study is to find new indicators to characterize the drive mechanism and develop a method for early determination of reservoir drive. The results of our investigation showed that there is a strict relationship between the reservoir drive and the relations of pore volume to reservoir pressure and porosity. New diagnosis indicators to help identify the drive mechanism called Reservoir Drive Performance Indexes (RDPI) have been found. A technique based on RDPI for early determination and characterization of the drive mechanism of gas-condensate, volatile and black-oil reservoirs has been developed.


    reservoir drive, drive mechanisms, production data analysis, identification, aquifer performance, gas-condensate, volatile oil.

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