Contents V.5, N.2, 2014

  • Numerical investigation of constrained optimization of transient processes in oil pipelines
    K.R. Aida-Zade, J.A. Asadova (pp. 171-184)
  • Abstract.

    Optimal control problems are investigated to establishment the transient processes, when raw material over pipelines are investigated in the work. We carry out qualitative analysis concerning the dependence of the optimal transient period of the process on the dispersion coe┬▒cient and on the length of a pipeline section, on the quantity of the interval of admissible controls given on different classes of functions and for different values of initial and final steady- state regimes.


    oil pipeline, optimal transient period of process, unsteady motion, control actions, dispersion coe┬▒cient, range of admissible controls.

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