Contents V.4, N.1, 2013

  • Cab Curves: a quick short-cut
    A. Basiri, S. Rahmany (pp. 69-77)
  • Abstract.

    The objective of this paper is to state and prove some useful theorems for realizing the group law in the Jacobians of Cab curves, which provide an eĀ±cient and easy-to-implement algorithm for computations within the group. The idea is a generalization of a method previously presented in 2005, which gave an algorithm to realizing the group law on the superelliptic curves of genus 3 or 4. As an example of our approach, we will show how this method can be used to formulate a reasonably fast arithmetic in the Jacobian of C35 curve.


    Cab curves, Jacobian group, Arita algorithm.

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