Contents V.3, N.2, 2012

  • Real-time linear quadratic control using digital signal processor
    T. Slavov, L. Mollov, P. Petkov (pp. 145-157)
  • Abstract

    In this paper, a system for real-time Linear Quadratic Control (LQR) of multi- variable analogue plant is presented. The system consists of Spectrum Digital eZdspTMF28335 development kit with built in Texas Instruments TMS320F28335 Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to analogue signal converter and voltage divider. An appro- priate software in MATLAB Simulink environment is developed which is embedded in DSP by using the Simulink Coder. The LQR controller and state observer designed provide acceptable system performance. Experimental and simulation results are presented which confirm that the control system achieves the prescribed performance.


    LQR regulator, state observer, digital signal controller, real-time control.

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