Contents V.3, N.1, 2012

  • Mathematical models for independent computer presentation of turkic languages
    Pavel S. Pankov, Batyigul J. Bayachorova, Mukhtar Juraev (pp. 92-102)
  • Abstract.

    We give new definition of language as a concept and the definitions of mathematical and computer models of notions (words) of a natural language suitable for computer presenta- tion with random choice of additional objects. We propose to create interactive presentations of foundations of Turkic languages with the following aims: to offer all computer users an acquain- tance with Turkic languages without other languages as a media; to develop effective electronic text-books and complex examinations on Turkic languages; to fix their up-to-date state and to distinguish similar and same notions in them by comparing corresponding mathematical models.


    boundary value problems, pseudohyperbolic equation, time direction change, regular solutions.

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