Contents V.7, N.1, 2016

  • On the Spaces of Nörlund Null and Nörlund Convergent Sequences
    ORHAN TUĞ, FEYZİ BAŞAR (pp. 76-87)
  • Abstract.

    In this article, the sequence spaces c0(N t ) and c(N t ) are introduced as the domain of N¨orlund mean N t in the spaces c0 and c of null and convergent sequences which are isomorphic to the spaces c0 and c, respectively, and some inclusion relations are given. Additionally, Schauder basis for the spaces c0(N t ) and c(N t ) are constructed and their alpha-, beta- and gamma-duals are computed. Finally, the classes (c(N t ) : `∞), (c(N t ) : c) and (c(N t ) : c0) of matrix transformations are characterized.


    matrix domain, spaces of convergent and null sequences, N¨orlund matrix, alpha-, beta- and gamma-duals and matrix transformations.

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